Cool and Educational Games for Kids

In general kids like to play games, they tend to not like being taught things so much.  Some people use the approach that if they do their school work and go over those educational things then the games can be a reward.  Other people have adopted the thought that it may be possible to develop some games that can also teach things.  This is great in concept, but the problem can come in one of two ways.  The first is that the game leans heavily to the educational side and the game aspect is merely tacked on at the end.  Children tend to not think of it as a game and accept it as more learning.  The other side is that you can have a game that is great fun, but has only the briefest head nod to anything remotely educational.

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6 Great Gadgets of New Century

We live in the 21st century, we are now living in the time frame of many amazing sci-fi movies of our youth.  So what are some of the coolest things that have been developed so far?  I’ve put together a list of 6 items that may just be the greatest gadgets of this new century.



1) USB Drive – It seems hard to remember when these first popped up they are used so much now.  It is such a convenience to have gigabits worth of storage that can easily slide into your pocket and quickly transfer information from one computer to another.  They even have driven computer makers to stop adding in CD drives on some of the newer computers since everything comes over the internet or via a USB port.


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Interesting ideas for holiday gifts

As the holiday season sneaks up on us all we need to start considering gifts for those people that we are close to.  Now some people are easy and right off you know exactly to get for them.  But then there are those other people that you can’t quite think of what to get them.  Or you might have people that are asking what you would like for the holiday and you are trying to determine what you would like.   It can be kind of frustrating to try and figure out gift ideas on your own.  Luckily I have developed a list of a few interesting ideas for holiday gifts.

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