6 Great Gadgets of New Century

We live in the 21st century, we are now living in the time frame of many amazing sci-fi movies of our youth.  So what are some of the coolest things that have been developed so far?  I’ve put together a list of 6 items that may just be the greatest gadgets of this new century.



1) USB Drive – It seems hard to remember when these first popped up they are used so much now.  It is such a convenience to have gigabits worth of storage that can easily slide into your pocket and quickly transfer information from one computer to another.  They even have driven computer makers to stop adding in CD drives on some of the newer computers since everything comes over the internet or via a USB port.



2) Amazon Kindle – Last century if you wanted to read a book it most likely meant pulling out the full physical book and carrying it around while you read it.  Sure you could get a book and look at it on your laptop, but that just didn’t have the same feeling as Amazon’s Kindle.  You can now slide a whole library worth of reading into your cargo pockets or purse, no one has an excuse for not having something to read now.




3) Apple Ipod – Years ago people were amazed at just being able to carry around a radio and listen to broadcast. Then it got to the point where the Sony Walkman allowed you to take a tape with you and you were able to pick songs that you wanted to listen to.  Apple took that to the next step with the Ipod.  Now instead of picking a few songs, you could take your whole music collection along with you.



4) Nintendo Wii – When all the other game consoles where just putting out the next step of what Nintendo had started back in 1985, Nintendo decided that they needed to try something new.  They put out the Wii and were told that it was just a gimmick.  Until people realized that you could use motion controls for a new way to interact with your games.



5) Garmin GPS – Sure you could have a GPS system as early as the 80s.  And auto navigation was available last century.  But it took an executive order for the extra error to be taken out of the GPS signal which allowed the civilian user to be able to use it in day to day tasks.  And now, well it seems paper maps are a thing of the past.




6) Tivo DVR – Since broadcast television began the view was at the mercy of the broadcaster.  Shows would play at a given time, either you were in front of your TV at the right time or you missed it.  Phone rings in the middle of your favorite show and you have to think is it worth it or do I wait to see the show.  Since Tivo gave us the DVR the view has started taking control, being able to record shows to watch when it is convenient for them.