Interesting ideas for holiday gifts

As the holiday season sneaks up on us all we need to start considering gifts for those people that we are close to.  Now some people are easy and right off you know exactly to get for them.  But then there are those other people that you can’t quite think of what to get them.  Or you might have people that are asking what you would like for the holiday and you are trying to determine what you would like.   It can be kind of frustrating to try and figure out gift ideas on your own.  Luckily I have developed a list of a few interesting ideas for holiday gifts.

First off why not get a record turn table.  Yes, I know that it is the 21st century, however vinyl is still an extremely high quality storage media for music and it gives you that feel of an actual item that you can handle and hold when you are getting them out to play them.  There is something special about going through the process of getting a record and putting it on your turn table to play.  If you are interested you can check them out here.

Next up would be for the crafty artist in your gift giving ring.  They tend to be rather touchy about what sort of art supplies they like to use.  Sure you could give them a gift card, but why not see about giving something a touch more out of the box.  There are now 3D crafting pens.  These put out small bits of plastic which allow you to draw in the third dimension.  You can get all the details here.

What about that grill master you know?  Or really any man or woman that enjoys building a fire or two.  This smart looking case holds all the tools needed to make a mean cookout.  And as an added bonus of this particular gift, you might just get invited over to a few more cookouts.  You can find all the details here.

Let’s just say that you know a fiber enthusiast.  They can be quite tricky to shop for.  By now they have all the needles and hooks and what not they would want.  You can’t buy them yarn because they only want to work with certain yarns for certain projects.  It can be a pain.  I have stumbled upon a little Etsy shop that has a range of knitting and crochet accessories that looks like it will bring joy to just about any fiber fan that you are shopping at.  Check it out at Little Knitty Bird.

Finally why not get that special someone a camera.  It is a wonderful way to share those special memories.  And it also has the promise of making more memories with that person worth capturing.  Or if they aren’t a romantic type partner perhaps it is a good excuse for them to document your next road trip.  Whatever their relationship to you this little camera is sure to please.